Famous bands from Southampton

Famous bands from Southampton

Southampton has a fanastic underground music scene and a famous heritage of producing internationally famous, multi-platinum selling artists! Here at Singing Lessons Southampton we love to inspire our singing students with stories of local singers that have gone on to sell millions of records worldwide - the likes of Craig David, Matt Hales of Aqualung and Howard Jones of 80s fame are but a few former Southampton greats! Enjoy & prepare to be inspired!

Craig David was brought up on the Holyrood estate, Southampton and rose to fame in the early 2000s after appearing on the Artful Dodger single Re-Rewind. David's debut album, Born to Do It, released in August 2000 shot to number 1 in the UK album charts and number 11 in the American album charts. Spawing two UK number one singles the album sold over one million units making Craig David one of the biggest UK acts that year! Indeed, he was nominated for twelve Brit Awards and recieved two Grammy Award nominations. Slicker Than Your Average, Craig David's second album again sold well reaching number four in the UK album charts and going double platinum! Three further albums have been released but David never returned to his origional fame of the early 2000s, fading as the naughties went on! Still having sold millions of records worldwide, had two UK number one singles and been made a multi-millionaire from his career he didn't do half bad having started singing in small clubs in Southampton before his dad's band came onstage to play!

Aqualung is the stage name for Matt Hales, a singer song writer that rose to international fame with his song Strange and Beautiful which became a top ten hit in 2002. Hales debut album reached number 15 in the UK album charts helping him to establish himself as an well known artist. Indeed, his second albums lead single Brighter Than Sunshine gainned much play in the US as the title track for the Ashton Kutcher and Amanda Peet film A Lot Like Love, eventually reaching number 32 on the American Billboard Adult Top 40 chart. However, as quickly as Aqualung rose to international fame he quickly fell out of the public eye with his next three albums failing to chart. It is a tough game at the top!

Delays have risen from a well known local band to a nationally successful & well established outfit in just six years! Starting right here in Southampton under multiple names the brothers Greg and Aaron Gilbert, Colin Fox and Rowly eventually joined forces to release their debute album, Faded Seaside Glamour, in 2004. Rapidly breaking into the UK album top 20 the album help Delays to go on to support the likes of Franz Ferdinand and the Manic Street Preachers growing their fanbase nationally even further! There second album You See Colours once again confirmed the band's growing reputation charting well with the music being used on multiple BBC programs. However, by the next album Everything's a Rush (2008) the band had reached a pivotal point - either to break through or fade away, unfortunately for Delays it seems to be the later - with Everything's a Rush charting at number 26 in the UK album chart and their follow up album not charting at all. Only time will tell if we will set a revival in fortune for these local lads!

Howard Jones remains in the Guinness Book of British Hit Singles & Albums as one of the most successful solo artists during the 1980s releasing studio albums that sold in their thousands in the UK and America. Born in Southampton in the mid-50s Jones's first single, named New Song, was released in September 1983 and reached the UK Top 5 and U.S. Top 30. With this his debut album, Human's Lib, shooting to number one in the UK album chart eventually selling over 600,000 records and going double platinum! During the early to mid 80s Jones had a string of top 10 hits in the UK, yet by the late 80s he began to fade from the international scene with Cross That Line released in 1989 only reaching number 69 in the UK album charts. His next six albums failed to chart at all showing the change in music taste between the early 80s and the mid-90s! Jone's still remains one of Southampton's music successful artists - have a listen to New Song & see what you think!

Will Champion, the drummer for internationally famed band Coldplay, grew up in Highfield, Southampton before attending the University College London where he met fellow band mates Chris Martin, Guy Berryman and Jonny Buckland. After the release of Parachutes, in 2000 to international recognition and critical aclaim the band rose during the 2000's to become one of the most sucessful British bands for all time - selling over 60 million records & packing out global stadium tours. With five number one UK albums as well as three in the US, Coldplay remain one of the biggest international acts in the world! They are also fantastic live to with Will Champion being a quality drummer.

Photography: Christian Bertrand

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